Bottom Line Logistics Services

Bottom Line Logistics, Inc. is a non-asset based 3rd party logistics provider. We focus on your specific needs for services. In the present global marketplace it is necessary to negotiate the best service and rates for single or multiple locations. We provide analysis and reporting for your company in the following areas:

Bottom Line Services for Management of Competitive Carrier Bidding Process

  • Rate & service negotiation
  • Broaden the carrier list used for  selection
  • Develop the data base tool for bidding
  • Presentation to your management team for final carrier selection

Bottom Line Services for Transportation Control

  • Create carrier routing guides
  • Reduce accounting department functions
  • Improve efficiencies in administrative functions 

Bottom Line Services for Freight Bill Payment

  • Pre-audit and payment process
  • Simplified billing
  • Reporting defined by your parameters

Bottom Line Consulting Services

  • Benchmarking your logistics programs to established industry standards
  • Analysis and evaluation of desired objectives and cost reductions
  • Develop target date and plan for defined goals of reduction and improvement in services

Personalized Bottom Line Service...

Let us design a program to meet your needs with personalized service that will meet and exceed your expectations. You know the core competencies in your industry that are necessary to be competitive and we will help you manage logistics services that keep you ahead of your competitors. Our experience in carrier management, corporate transportation and logistics as well as accounting will provide value to your company as an extension of your team.

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